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Finished in Barcelona, Spain

Our mission is to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our garments.

This is why we only have one thing in mind. Make you look good while also doing good for our planet.

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Heavy Hoodie - Natural Cotton Color

Cold season is around the corner and this incredible oversized, heavy, cozy hoodie is what you are missing in your closet.

Soft outside and inside, it will be love at first try.

You will feel the same comfort the first and thousand time you put it on.

The fashion industry is not eco responsible and change is needed.

With this project we are looking to propose a high quality sustainable product to work against low quality, low prices, cheap labour and high emissions. At Pamuuc we design, produce and introduce products in a different way. We go above and beyond the "organic brands" that leverage marketing to repeat what fast fashion brands do.

Chemical Free, Certified organic, Fairwear projects and Vegan garments is what we reveal to the public today. Aiming to be as transparent as possible on the production of every single piece of clothing we send out, Pamuuc is looking to produce 100% of its collection locally in Barcelona, Spain and receive the GOTS certification.

Women, Men, Unisex, Babies & Kids Clothing

We make high quality, 100% organic cotton products for everyone regardless of gender or body type. Essentials designed to be worn everyday with the best comfort, timeless pieces that can last in your closets for years to come. Remember to chose quality over quantity and to be aware of the products you are buying.

Sustainability - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make clothes eco friendly?

One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for clothes that are eco friendly is the materials that they are made out of. Whether they are organic or not, or if they contain any recycled materials. There are also some brands that have sustainable practices and take care of their workers which is something else to look for.

The way you wash your clothes can also make a difference in the eco friendliness of them. If you wash them in cold water and don’t use any fabric softener, it will be better for the environment than if you washed them in hot water with fabric softener.

What questions should I ask a fashion brand?

Fashion brands need to be transparent about their materials, manufacturing process and wages. They should also be able to show the certifications they have attained for sustainability or transparency.

It's important for fashion brands to be transparent about their materials, manufacturing process and wages in order to gain trust from consumers. Fashion brands should also be able to show the certifications they have attained for sustainability or transparency.

What makes clothing sustainable?

There are many different ways in which clothing can be made sustainable. It all depends on the process, controls and certifications that are put in place.

The process can be controlled by using no chemicals, less waste, recycling materials and offsetting emissions. The certification would depend on the industry as well as the type of clothing you are talking about.

What clothes are most environemantally friendly?

Organic materials are the most environment-friendly. They use natural fibers such as hemp, bamboo, and cotton that are grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Certified organic fabrics have been inspected for harmful substances and are certified by a third party. Recycled materials are also environmentally friendly because they don't use any new material which means less energy is used in their production process.

Long lasting clothes can be reused for years, this reduces the number of clothes that need to be manufactured and shipped to stores which saves energy, water, and other resources. High quality clothes will last longer because they were made with high-quality material such as organic cotton that have stronger fibers than synthetic fabrics.

What organic materials are used for making clothes?

Organic materials are used for making clothes. It is important to know that not all organic materials are the same. Hemp, Cotton, Bamboo, Silk and Linen are some of the most popular organic materials used for making clothes.

Cotton is a common material that can be grown without pesticides or fertilizers which means that it doesn't harm the environment in any way. It also has natural properties like breathability which makes it a good choice for warm weather garments too.

How do I know if clothes are made ethically?

The process of making clothes is complex and can be difficult to trace. However, there are some ways to know if the clothes you are buying are ethically made.

There are many different processes when it comes to making clothes. Some processes may not be sustainable or fair for the people involved in the process. There are some key questions that you can ask yourself before you buy new clothes so that you know if they were ethically made or not.

1) Do I know how the clothing was made?

2) What materials were used?

3) Who makes my clothes?

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