Being Naked is the most sustainable option. We are the second.

High quality garments for your everyday life. 

Our mission is to be as ethical and transparent as possible at all levels. We make unisex clothing, made for women and men without distinction.

Who are we?

A young brand committed to basic & ethic fashion

Our goal, from day one of this adventure, has been to make ourselves useful by making clothes more meaningful: everyday essentials, made from certified organic cotton and recycled materials; conscious, ethical and timeless pieces.

In view of the environmental situation, it is crucial that companies change the way they produce, sell and market their products. It is time to offer consumers respectful garments and to encourage them to make the right choices. The ecological and eco-responsible dimension is an integral part of our way of living, thinking, producing and consuming.

Let's act together for an eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion.

The negative impact of the fashion industry has long been known. It is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

For example, here are some figures to know about fast fashion:

- It is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions.

- It depletes water resources for the production of clothes (it uses about 4% of available drinking water).

- It contributes to ocean pollution by releasing tonnes of plastic micro-particles.

- It uses large amounts of chemicals.

But beyond the environmental aspects, it also generates social inequalities. The entire production chain must therefore be reviewed. Dressing more responsibly is a real challenge for society. Many brands are committed to more responsible fashion, both socially and in terms of the environment and health. Pamuuc is a young brand of eco-responsible ready-to-wear. We are actively and humbly contributing to this change by offering a fair alternative for people and the planet.

Why adopt ethical fashion?

The answer is simple: make sense of your consumption. By buying clothes from this trade, everyone contributes to limiting their environmental impact: less waste, sustainable materials, support for local work, timelessness, ... There are so many reasons to change our behaviour. At Pamuuc, we want to give clothing back its rightful place by offering a high quality, sustainable product to combat poor quality, low prices, cheap labour and high emissions.

That's why we take great care in the materials we choose and the way we make our clothes:

- Certified organic and recycled fabrics,

- Chemical-free garments and accessories,

- Ethical and transparent manufacturing that respects human rights with the support of the Fair Wear Foundation.

- Materials meet three key criteria: strength, durability and comfort.

Clothing for everyone

Our collection is for everyone: women, men, babies and children. Today, unisex designs that can be easily shared are in vogue. Beyond the cut, each garment can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. At Pamuuc we have chosen to offer a mixed collection, breaking down the barriers between men's and women's clothing. Besides being neutral and egalitarian, unisex clothing is also part of responsible consumption. We believe that unisex fashion can be part of a virtuous circle of ethical behaviour that is good for the planet.

Clothes that speak volumes about our commitment

Our models are not subject to the frantic rhythm of fast-fashion trends. No more collections or seasons! We believe in timelessness and durability. Our collection reflects our philosophy of "better consumption". All our actions are part of this committed approach that respects the planet and people. We want to give meaning to fashion, to give everyone the power to act for a fairer and more respectful world. Our clothes are made to be worn season after season, which is the key to sustainable fashion.

Our clothing for women:

Women's clothing is increasingly being designed using organic, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Organic cotton clothing is very popular these days because the way organic cotton is grown means that there is a complete absence of pesticides that are harmful to the consumer and the environment. In general, organic women's clothing is in high demand because, as mentioned, it is made from organic materials. Vegan women's clothing is also a very popular option, as it is perfectly in line with the organic cultivation of cotton, making it an accessible type of clothing for all environmentally conscious women. Finally, eco-friendly women's clothing is not only a greener choice. It is also better quality and more comfortable.

Our men's clothing:

With winter upon us, men's clothing needs to be comfortable, warm and, if possible, stylish. Eco-friendly men's clothing is becoming increasingly popular with environmentally conscious consumers who are committed to reducing pollution, as the garments are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Not only is eco-friendly clothing good for the environment, but it is also of a much higher quality than normal and provides optimum comfort. Essential pieces for men's wardrobes include T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, overshirts and tracksuit bottoms that are perfect for any occasion.

Building a brand that is committed to the long term

With the aim of being as transparent as possible about the production of each piece, Pamuuc aims to produce 100% of its collection locally in Barcelona, Spain, and to achieve GOTS certification by 2023. To achieve this, we carefully select our production partners based on their expertise and commitment to our work. Our ultimate goal is to be able to do everything within Pamuuc, from growing the raw materials to the final production of the garment within the company. Together we can work towards a more responsible fashion industry.

Sustainability - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main characteristics of organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a natural product with a lot of advantages. It is known for its ability to absorb up to 8% of its weight in water. It can also withstand high temperatures. It is a material used in clothing that does not itch or irritate the skin. Organic cotton is also a flat fibre with very little shine and is highly breathable, which is why it is favoured in the clothing industry. In addition, the material is comfortable and soft to the touch and very pleasant to wear. In contrast to conventional cotton, organic cotton does not receive any chemicals during processing. This is what makes it so special and popular.

How do you know if a cotton is of good quality?

To know the quality of an organic cotton, you can already look at the characteristics of your organic garment. The cotton garment feels silky to the touch. Unless it is a stylistic effect, cotton has no lint and appears very smooth. If it is not made of a stretchy fabric, organic cotton does not deform, even when stretched. Eco-responsible brands communicate precisely the composition of each model of their clothing. The processing of their raw materials is also indicated on their platforms. You can rely on this information to know the quality of the cotton you are buying.

What are the advantages of organic cotton clothing?

The advantages of organic clothing or clothing made from organic cotton are countless. Whether for men or women, organic clothing is better for your health. First of all, this material is environmentally friendly. Secondly, organic clothing is recommended for people with sensitive skin. Organic cotton limits allergies and skin irritations. It also makes the skin very soft. This soft and light material is produced under the right conditions with very economical quantities of water. No pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals are used in the production of this cotton.

What makes a cotton garment perfect?

A garment made from cotton already incorporates all the characteristics and benefits of this natural material from the cotton plant. An organic garment is perfect for what it offers in terms of skin care, comfort and softness. But not only that. The list is long, but let's stick to the most visible points. First and foremost, it is the most widely used material in the world because of its durability and ease of care. Clothes made of this material are therefore less prone to tearing. Cotton fibre can also be knitted into different quality fabrics such as denim and flannel.

How to recognize a quality garment?

You can check its characteristics, composition and origin. These are the criteria to take into account in order to determine the quality of your trousers, your t-shirt or any other article to buy. For the composition, a good quality or organic garment is often made of noble materials like cotton. Also check the origin of the product. Some regions are known for their quality and know-how, such as European countries and Turkey. Don't hesitate to check your garment discreetly in the shop. Certain signs can tell you about the finish, such as pilling, wear and tear, etc. So take your time before you buy.

What are the rules for ethical fashion?

As ethical fashion requires the commitment of each of the actors in this sector, there are rules to follow in order to be able to act properly in favour of the environment. Thus, to develop ethical fashion, it is necessary to eliminate toxic products and give way to recycled or ecological materials to respect the environment. Then, it is essential to promote the circular economy and reduce the ecological impact, particularly linked to transport, in favour of ecology. Then there is the respect of human rights working in the production chain. Then, ethical fashion actors must listen to consumers, the majority of whom are already sensitive to the environment, to consume better.

Does organic cotton shrink?

Organic cotton shrinks less in the wash than traditional cotton. To care for organic cotton and keep its size, it is recommended to wash by hand. Organic cotton clothes can be washed with warm water and Marseille soap. This is perfect for cleaning fragile organic cotton pieces. Organic cotton trousers or t-shirts can be washed in the washing machine, but not above 40°C. To avoid shrinkage of the organic cotton garment, the use of a tumble dryer is not recommended. This is one of the most effective ways of preserving the quality of the clothes and extending their life.