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Who Are We?

Our goal, from day one of this adventure, has been to make ourselves useful by making clothes more meaningful: everyday essentials, made from certified organic cotton and recycled materials; conscious, ethical and timeless pieces.

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Being Naked is the most sustainable option. We are the second.


Our mission is to create high-quality, durable clothing that is not only stylish but also eco-responsible. We believe in being transparent at all levels of production, from sourcing the finest organic cotton to using recycled polyester in our designs. We offer a wide range of clothing options for men and women, as well as unisex styles that can be enjoyed by all. Our organic cotton fabrics are soft, comfortable, and gentle on the skin, while our recycled polyester materials reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact.


Why adopt ethical fashion?

The answer is simple: make sense of your consumption. By buying clothes from this trade, everyone contributes to limiting their environmental impact: less waste, sustainable materials, support for local work, timelessness, ... There are so many reasons to change our behaviour. At Pamuuc, we want to give clothing back its rightful place by offering a high quality, sustainable product to combat poor quality, low prices, cheap labour and high emissions.

That's why we take great care in the materials we choose and the way we make our clothes:

- Certified organic and recycled fabrics,

- Chemical-free garments and accessories,

- Ethical and transparent manufacturing that respects human rights with the support of the Fair Wear Foundation.

- Materials meet three key criteria: strength, durability and comfort.

Clothing for everyone

Our collection is for everyone: women, men, babies and children. Today, unisex designs that can be easily shared are in vogue. Beyond the cut, each garment can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. At Pamuuc we have chosen to offer a mixed collection, breaking down the barriers between men's and women's clothing. Besides being neutral and egalitarian, unisex clothing is also part of responsible consumption. We believe that unisex fashion can be part of a virtuous circle of ethical behaviour that is good for the planet.

Clothes that speak volumes about our commitment

Our models are not subject to the frantic rhythm of fast-fashion trends. No more collections or seasons! We believe in timelessness and durability. Our collection reflects our philosophy of "better consumption". All our actions are part of this committed approach that respects the planet and people. We want to give meaning to fashion, to give everyone the power to act for a fairer and more respectful world. Our clothes are made to be worn season after season, which is the key to sustainable fashion.

Building a brand that is committed to the long term

With the aim of being as transparent as possible about the production of each piece, Pamuuc aims to produce 100% of its collection locally in Barcelona, Spain, and to achieve GOTS certification by 2023. To achieve this, we carefully select our production partners based on their expertise and commitment to our work. Our ultimate goal is to be able to do everything within Pamuuc, from growing the raw materials to the final production of the garment within the company. Together we can work towards a more responsible fashion industry.

Let's act together for an eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion.

The negative impact of the fashion industry has long been known. It is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

For example, here are some figures to know about fast fashion:

- It is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions.

- It depletes water resources for the production of clothes (it uses about 4% of available drinking water).

- It contributes to ocean pollution by releasing tonnes of plastic micro-particles.

- It uses large amounts of chemicals.

But beyond the environmental aspects, it also generates social inequalities. The entire production chain must therefore be reviewed. Dressing more responsibly is a real challenge for society. Many brands are committed to more responsible fashion, both socially and in terms of the environment and health. Pamuuc is a young brand of eco-responsible ready-to-wear. We are actively and humbly contributing to this change by offering a fair alternative for people and the planet.