Our Vision, Commitment and Goals for the future sustainability of Fashion

Let's start from the beginning...

Ayse is of Turkish origin and Leo is of Italian origin. Since our first meeting, we have been driven by the same desire to get involved in a project with concrete impacts on our consumption. Because of our origins, we were attracted by the world of fashion and especially by the desire to change what no longer works in this industry with devastating consequences.

Born in Izmit, Turkey, Ayse studied in Istanbul and Barcelona until 2019, where she obtained a master's degree in economics. Her background is in logistics and supply chain. She is now using this expertise at Pamuuc.

Leo was born in Grenoble, France, of Italian parents. After studying economics in London, he became interested in entrepreneurship. Passionate about technology, he actively contributes to the development of Pamuuc and the visibility of the brand.

The meeting of these two talents with common aspirations forms today a binomial whose will is to make Pamuuc, a company that is part of the respectful and ethical slow fahion, and it is in Barcelona, in the heart of Southern Europe, that they have decided to start this adventure in 2021.

So how can we reconcile transparency, simplicity, ecology and sustainability in clothing?

After several months of reflection and meetings, we realised that our common vision was perfectly in line with the idea of designing fair trade, quality and locally made clothes. And to complete this idea, we advocate a minimalist unisex fashion that appeals to everyone. We set out to find suppliers and partners who share our concerns and who are willing to help us make this project a reality.

From awareness to the birth of our project...

According to the French Environment Agency (ADEME), 100 billion items of clothing are sold each year worldwide and their production doubled between 2000 and 2014. Land use, material and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, ocean pollution, the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment is considerable.

We are increasingly aware of the consequences of its activities on the planet's resources and of the need to change the mechanisms of this industry, which can no longer continue to operate in this way. It has become clear that this market needs a revolution to reduce its environmental impact and move towards a more sustainable long-term trajectory.

While major brands have been faking going green with "greenwashing" for a few years now, smaller brands are trying to make a place for themselves with real organic and sustainable clothing.

It is urgent to act for the planet!

With this in mind, it was impossible for us to stand idly by. So we started this adventure with the desire and the conviction that it is possible to change the rules of the game in this market and to make our contribution. And this is only the beginning of a long road that we are proud to travel with you. We tell you all about it on this page!

A young brand committed to basic & ethic fashion

An evocative name for a committed and meaningful mission . Our name Pamuuc is derived from the Turkish word Pamuk, which means "cotton". This brand fully evokes our desire to offer consumers natural and pure fashion.

In keeping with this symbolic name, our aim is to offer essential basic pieces; made from organic and recycled materials. To achieve this end result, we have studied every step, from the production of raw materials to the manufacturing of fabrics. The creation of our brand is like a dream come true to offer everyone the opportunity to dress with a reasoned choice of clothing.

Making fashion an ethical and ecological commitment

The constant renewal of fashion trends fuels our insatiable desire to renew our wardrobe.
In contrast to fast fashion, we imagine mixed collections of clothing for all, with clean and sustainable lines.Our goal, since day one of this adventure, is to make ourselves useful by giving more meaning to clothes: everyday essentials, made from certified organic cotton and recycled materials; conscious, ethical and timeless pieces.Our products are made to last, so that the impact of making the garment can be amortized over years.

"At Pamuuc we offer a high quality sustainable product to combat poor quality, low prices, cheap labour and high emissions. We don't want to be yet another green clothing brand on the market that exploits marketing in the same way as fast fashion brands.
Our strong and unwavering commitment leads us to make ethical choices in line with our vision."

Our vision for a sustainable project

Eco-responsible fashion with a conscience - "To make simple and sustainable clothes that take care of the planet and the human being.

Our mission is driven by this desire to create limited collections (few models), for everyone (unisex fashion) while respecting our planet.

Strong values aligned with our philosophy

Faced with the current environmental situation, it is crucial that companies change the way they produce, sell, etc. It is time to offer consumers respectful products and to encourage them to make the right choices. The ecological and eco-responsible dimension is an integral part of our way of living, thinking, producing and consuming.

Transparent clothing

This notion of transparency is a fundamental element in creating a relationship of trust between Pamuuc and you! Today, we advocate 360° transparency: products that are transparent about their composition, their origin and the stages of their manufacture.

The human being at the heart of our considerations

We put the human aspect first, and this means respecting the working conditions and fair remuneration of the people who make and create the clothes with us.

Utility instead of quantity

Our collection is voluntarily limited to a few pieces with an essentially unisex fashion. Our clothes are comfortable, timeless, minimalist in style and made to last.

The essentials at their best

A committed wardrobe is a wardrobe with few pieces, but with well thought-out cuts that we never tire of. Our collections are made up of essential pieces designed to be worn every day. That's why we offer basic garments without making endless variations. We work on iconic models: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweat pants, caps, bucket hats... All these models presented on our website are revisited to offer you minimalist and structured shapes.
We opt for an adapted fabric weight so that the garment keeps its new look as long as possible and is resistant.