Women's Slim Fit Tee - Pack - Natural

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Women's Slim Fit Tee - Pack - Natural - Pack of 2 / XS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Women's t-shirt - Pack of 2 or 3 - Natural

With its slightly slim fit, neither too loose nor too tight, this short-sleeved t-shirt for women has been designed to follow the lines of the body without marking it too much. The garment falls perfectly at hip level to create a harmonious silhouette. This model is perfect for all body types and gives a feminine touch to any outfit.

Easy to wear, this slim fit t-shirt is designed for everyday use. For a casual style with jeans or a dressy style with a skirt, this model is a must-have in your wardrobe for all occasions. With its classic crew neck, this organic t-shirt is a must have in your wardrobe. The short sleeves have been designed to slightly mark the shoulder.

The sleeve edges and the bottom of the shirt are stitched for a perfect finish. The natural, solid colour of the tshirt can easily be combined with any outfit. Embroidered on the left sleeve, the Pamuuc logo appears as a strong ecological signature, committed to fashion that respects people and nature.


1. Style: Slim Fit Short Sleeve - See size guide
2. Colour: This model is also available in black, white and natural
3. Round neck, stitching on sleeves and bottom of shirt
4. Material: soft, comfortable and durable
5. Detail: Pamuuc logo embroidered on the right sleeve
6. Made in our workshop in Barcelona, Spain
7. Standard: FairWear, Oeko-Tex
8. Composition: 100% organic cotton
9. Cotton weight: 150 GSM - Lightweight
10. Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees maximum. Do not mix colours.

Product Sustainability

Made of 100% certified organic and vegan cotton, with a weight of 150g/m2, this garment is light, soft, comfortable and durable. Made with FairWear and Oeko-Tex standards in mind, this t-shirt is the ideal eco-responsible garment for an ethical and timeless look.

By purchasing the eco-friendly Slim Fit - Natural t-shirt, you will enjoy a classic and comfortable garment for many years to come.

FAQ - Women T Shirts

What is the most popular t shirt style?

The most popular t shirt style is the crew neck. Crew necks are a classic, comfortable, and versatile style that can be worn with just about anything. While some people like to wear a basic t-shirt in solid colors, others prefer the more creative styles such as those with graphics or prints.

What are the different types of women's t-shirts?

There are many different types of women's t-shirts in the market today. They vary from plain to patterned, from long to short, and from basic to boho chic. Below are some examples:

1) Plain T-Shirts: These have no design on them and are usually made with cotton or polyester. They can be worn with a variety of outfits and come in all colors.
2) Patterned T-Shirts: These have designs on them like stripes, dots, floral prints, etc. They can be worn as a casual outfit or as a dress wear for formal occasions.
3) Long T-Shirts: These are usually worn as dresses and come in various sizes and colors.

What type of t-shirt should I wear?

If you are looking for a casual t-shirt, then you should go for a looser fit. But if you are looking for something more formal, then go for a tighter and fitted t-shirt.

What is a ladies fit on a t-shirt?

A ladies fit is a t-shirt that has a more feminine cut, typically in the sleeves and torso. The sleeves are shorter and the torso is longer.

Are men and womens t-shirts different?

The answer is yes, and the differences are significant.

Men’s t-shirts are made to be worn outside of the trousers or jeans. They have a wider neckline that’s about an inch higher than a woman’s t-shirt, and they often have a lower armhole that’s longer than a woman’s t-shirt. Men's t-shirts also tend to have shorter sleeves but more fabric at the bottom hem than women's shirts. Women's t-shirts are designed to be worn under clothes and often have narrower necklines and shorter sleeves.