Women's Slim Fit Tee – Black

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Lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable and durable t-shirt designed for daily usage. A very simple garment which can be styled with any other piece in your closet. Essentially a no brainer when you wake up in the morning and dress up. 

Finished in Barcelona, Spain 
  • Round neck
  • Short Sleeve
  • 150 GSM - Very Light T-Shirt
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Sourced from FairWear projects
  • Vegan
  • Color: Black
    Product Highlights

    - Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

    - Details: Pamuuc Icon embroidery - Neck label serigraphy

    - Sustainability: FairWear, Oeko-Tex, Certified Organic Cotton, Vegan

    - Fit Type: Slim Fit - See size guide

    - Cotton Weight: 150 GSM - Light tee

    -Washing Instructions: Max 30 degrees wash. Don't mix colors.

    Sustainability at Pamuuc

    For each order you place we plant a tree in our forest on Ecologi. We offset carbon emissions for each shipment we make and give you all the information in a monthly newsletter to be as transparent as possible.

    All of our products are made out of certified Organic cotton and Recycled materials. Read product highlights to know about materials used for every garment and the weight of each of them.

    How do we manage Delivery

    We ship to any European country within 2-5 days if the product has not been pre ordered and is currently in stock. Our main carrier is GLS but you could also have more premium options like DHL and UPS at a small extra cost.

    Shipment to Spain is 24h-48h and is free above 80€.

    We do not ship outside of Europe. UK, US, Canada and Australia are not available at the moment.

    FAQ - Women T Shirts

    What is the most popular t shirt style?

    The most popular t shirt style is the crew neck. Crew necks are a classic, comfortable, and versatile style that can be worn with just about anything. While some people like to wear a basic t-shirt in solid colors, others prefer the more creative styles such as those with graphics or prints.

    What are the different types of women's t-shirts?

    There are many different types of women's t-shirts in the market today. They vary from plain to patterned, from long to short, and from basic to boho chic. Below are some examples:

    1) Plain T-Shirts: These have no design on them and are usually made with cotton or polyester. They can be worn with a variety of outfits and come in all colors.
    2) Patterned T-Shirts: These have designs on them like stripes, dots, floral prints, etc. They can be worn as a casual outfit or as a dress wear for formal occasions.
    3) Long T-Shirts: These are usually worn as dresses and come in various sizes and colors.

    What type of t-shirt should I wear?

    If you are looking for a casual t-shirt, then you should go for a looser fit. But if you are looking for something more formal, then go for a tighter and fitted t-shirt.

    What is a ladies fit on a t-shirt?

    A ladies fit is a t-shirt that has a more feminine cut, typically in the sleeves and torso. The sleeves are shorter and the torso is longer.

    Are men and womens t-shirts different?

    The answer is yes, and the differences are significant.

    Men’s t-shirts are made to be worn outside of the trousers or jeans. They have a wider neckline that’s about an inch higher than a woman’s t-shirt, and they often have a lower armhole that’s longer than a woman’s t-shirt. Men's t-shirts also tend to have shorter sleeves but more fabric at the bottom hem than women's shirts. Women's t-shirts are designed to be worn under clothes and often have narrower necklines and shorter sleeves.

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