Unisex Loose Fit Tee - Dark Grey

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We have chosen a "gender-neutral " dressing room with mixed, sustainable and responsible pieces.

These items are aimed at those who do not follow fashion and who refuse to be labelled. Designed for both men and women, the unisex Loose Fit T-Shirt is synonymous with freedom and comfort, without distinction.

This unisex T-shirt has a loose, straight fit and can be worn fitted or oversized for a modern look. With double stitching on the sleeves and the bottom of the garment, this model has a perfect finish. The slightly scalloped and reinforced collar ensures that the fabric does not stretch when putting on and taking off the shirt. The collar has strong seams and falls nicely at the bottom of the neck for an aesthetic look.

The wide armhole allows it to be worn classic or slightly rolled up, highlighting the pretty stitched hems. Its natural, plain colour can easily be combined with any outfit.

Embroidered on the left sleeve, the Pamuuc logo appears as a strong ecological signature, committed to fashion that respects people and nature.

Color: Dark Grey


      1. Style: Unisex - Straight, loose fitting, slightly oversized - See size guide
      2. Colour: This model is also available in navy blue, black, natural and white.
      3. Round collar, stitching on the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. Short, slightly flared sleeves
      4. Detail: Pamuuc logo embroidered on the left sleeve
      5. Made in our workshop in Barcelona, Spain
      6. Standard: FairWear, Oeko-Tex
      7. Composition: 100% organic cotton
      8. Cotton Weight: 180 GSM - Light / Medium
      9. Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees maximum. Do not mix colours.

      Product Sustainability

      Made from organic, certified and vegan cotton, with a weight of 180g/m2, this eco-friendly garment is slightly thick, comfortable and durable. Made with FairWear and Oeko-Tex standards in mind, this t-shirt is high quality and environmentally friendly.

      It is the must-have piece to adopt. Opting for this model means choosing ethical fashion for all, easy to wear!

      FAQ - Unisex T Shirts

      What type of cotton is used to make Pamuuc T-shirts?

      Pamuuc uses 100% organic cotton for its T-shirts. As part of its initiative to offer eco-friendly clothing, the company is turning to this ecological raw material. Pamuuc's organic cotton is grown with natural compost. This means that the cultivation of this material does not deplete the soil and is less energy-consuming. It also uses less water. Pamuuc chooses organic cotton to offer t-shirts with a low ecological impact from the cultivation of the raw material to the production. In addition, organic cotton t-shirts are easy to care for and have a longer lifespan than conventional cotton.

      How to make a T-shirt more sustainable?

      Making a t-shirt more sustainable is a way to contribute to the circular economy and ethical fashion. Caring for that garment with the right methods can extend its life. Washing your t-shirt better gives everyone the chance to keep it longer while protecting the environment. To optimise a T-shirt, it is imperative to reduce the frequency of washing. Then, the use of natural soap and warm water is recommended. For those who are not in favour of hand washing, they can wash the T-shirt in the machine. Finally, they should opt for products with a low ecological impact.

      How to wash an organic cotton T-shirt?

      There are two options for washing an organic cotton T-shirt. Firstly, it can be washed by hand. This is only done with warm water and natural soap. Simply soak the organic cotton T-shirt in soapy water. Then let the eco-friendly garment sit for a while and scrub lightly before rinsing with cold water. Drying should be done in the open air. When machine washing, it is essential to respect and ensure that the temperature does not exceed 40°C. This is important in order to preserve the size of the organic cotton T-shirt and to prevent it from shrinking in the wash.