Tank Top



Discover casual comfort and style with The Tank Top for women. Crafted from 220GSM Canalé 100% organic cotton, this tank top is breathable, soft to the touch, and suitable for any environment. Enjoy the versatility of a simple black or white tank top that is easy to wear and can be paired with any outfit.

  1. Material: 220 GSM - 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  2. Colors: OEKO-TEX Certified Black and White
  3. Details: Neck Label and Side Label Made in Barcelona. No Embroidery
  4. Fit: Women's Regular Fit - Make sure to check Size Chart before purchasing.
  5. Washing Instructions: Wash at maximum 30 Degrees Celsius, don't mix with other colors.

Average Environmental Impact

CO2 Emissions

1.0 Kg

Comparable to watching TV for about 2 hours

Conventional Tank Top Consumption: 5 KG

Energy Consumption

4.0 MJ

Similar to the energy used by a laptop for 6 hours

Conventional Tank Top Consumption: 20 MJ

Water Consumption

150 L

Equivalent to flushing a toilet around 3 times

Conventional Tank Top Consumption: 260 L

100% Made in Spain

The numbers in terms of environmental impact are still not great; nonetheless, much better than what conventional fashion does. Still, a long way to go, but a huge milestone in the history of Pamuuc.

The tank top is made within less than 5 km in Mataró, Barcelona, Spain. From thread to the final product, all in the same place. Everything is certified GOTS and OEKO TEX, and we are extremely excited to present it to you.

Simple and Elegant

We aimed to create the ultimate tank top – versatile for every occasion and of top-notch quality for long-lasting wear. This piece is crafted from 100% GOTS organic cotton, and you'll definitely notice the difference. Whether you're going for a laid-back day or a formal business meeting, let your creativity flow with this distinctive and timeless garment.

Premium Materials

This Tank Top is created using GOTS Organic Cotton thread. The fabric is meticulously crafted within a GOTS certified workshop in Mataró, Barcelona. The colors are OEKO TEX certified and also produced right in Mataró. To bring it all together, the final product is expertly cut and crafted by yet another workshop certified by GOTS and OCS, all located in Mataró.

Proudly made in Barcelona:

From Thread to the final product we are proud to have been able to create a product made in less than 5KM. Check the map to see where it's made.