Essential Hoodie



The Essential Hoodie offers the perfect balance of sustainability and comfort. Crafted in Spain with 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, this 350 GSM hoodie provides high-quality fabric that is both durable and ultra-soft. Choose from a range of colors, from navy to white, for the perfect everyday hoodie.

  1. Material: 350 GSM - 85% GOTS, OCS Certified Organic Cotton - 15 % Recycled Polyester.
  2. Colors: OEKO-TEX Certified Black, Navy, Light Grey, White, Natural
  3. Details: Serigraphy Neck Label - Embroided Pamuuc Icon Left Sleeve
  4. Fit: Loose Fit - Make sure to check Size Chart before purchasing.
  5. Washing Instructions: Wash at maximum 30 Degrees Celsius, don't mix with other colors.

Average Environmental Impact

CO2 Emissions

2.0 Kg

Equivalent to a short car ride of 4 miles (6.4 km)

Conventional Hoodie Consumption: 12 KG

Energy Consumption

10 MJ

Similar to the energy used by a laptop for 6 hours.

Conventional Hoodie Consumption: 40MJ

Water Consumption

300 L

Comparable to the water used in a 10 min shower.

Conventional Hoodie Consumption: 500 L

Numbers don't Lie

We're definetely not perfect but we are working hard towards a more sustainable today and tomorrow. Reducing the impact of each garment is key in our mission and these numbers will only get better in time.

You will fall in Love with it

350 GSM of the softest 85% organic cotton and 15% Recicled Polyester for maximum comfort and durabilty. Cozy, warm and eco friendly, this piece will last in your wardrobe for many years to come.

The Best Fit for Everyone

After carefully listening to all reviews and by trying countless samples on many different body types we found out that a Loose Fit is what you want most.

We heard you, comfort and style are your main priorities. Hence, why we are sure this hoodie is perfect for you.

Carefully Manufactured by:

Our GOTS, OCS, OEKO-TEX and Fairwear Manufacturer in Belgium.

Final Details and Embroidery made in Barcelona, Spain.