Crop Top Sweatshirt



This stylish crop top sweatshirt features a regular fit for an on-trend look. Constructed with 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, it keeps you comfortable while being kind to the planet. Available in black, navy, baby blue and light grey.

  1. Material: 300 GSM - 85% GOTS, OCS Certified Organic Cotton - 15% Recycled Polyester
  2. Colors: OEKO-TEX Certified Black, Navy, Baby Blue and Light Grey
  3. Details: Serigraphy Neck Label - Embroided Pamuuc Icon Left Sleeve
  4. Fit: Women's Regular Fit - Make sure to check Size Chart before purchasing.
  5. Washing Instructions: Wash at maximum 30 Degrees Celsius, don't mix with other colors.

Average Environmental Impact

CO2 Emissions

1.4 Kg

Comparable to watching TV for about 3 hours

Conventional Crop Top Sweatshirt Consumption: 8.5 KG

Energy Consumption

8.5 MJ

Similar to the energy used by a laptop for 7.5 hours

Conventional Crop Top Sweatshirt Consumption: 34 MJ

Water Consumption

230 L

Equivalent to flushing a toilet around 4 times

Conventional Crop Top Sweatshirt Consumption: 420 L

Sustainability First

We're not perfect, but we're putting in the hard work to make today and tomorrow more eco-friendly. Our main goal is to make each piece of clothing have a smaller impact on the environment. And as time goes on, these numbers will only get better.

Vegan and Timeless

This Crop Top Sweatshirt was born with the idea of a timeless cut that will last forever. It's a garment that you can wear daily if you want, and with its essential colors and textile blend, it will make you feel comfortable all the time.

Men's Regular Fit

The cut of this t-shirt is primarily designed for men but is suitable for anyone. With its regular fit, it's ideal for your daily activities, and thanks to its premium materials, it's built to last.

Carefully Manufactured by:

Our GOTS, OCS, OEKO-TEX and Fairwear Manufacturer in Belgium.

Final Details and Embroidery made in Barcelona, Spain.