Women's Overshirt - 100% Recycled Garment

Women's overshirt jacket made from 100% recycled materials

Among our range of women's overshirts, you will probably find the one that was missing in your wardrobe: a piece that is not only trendy and elegant, but also ethical, like our entire range of products. Made from 100% recycled materials, it is a high quality vegan product that is second to none to the classic women's warm shirt.

A classic that you will use year after year, a comfortable garment that is made to last and that you will never be able to do without! Now that the women's overshirt is part of your wardrobe, it's also part of your life! So live great moments with this women's overshirt jacket that will accompany you in your everyday life. Whether you're out and about in the city, working from home or in the garden, taking a walk in the park or even spending time with your family. Elegant and stylish, this slim-fitting jacket is an essential winter garment for everyday wear.

Our latest and warmest garment:

Our range of women's overshirts is sure to be the one you've been missing from your wardrobe: a piece that's not only trendy and stylish, but also ethical, like the rest of our Pamuuc range. Made from 100% recycled materials, it is a high quality vegan product that is rare to find in the organic clothing market. How many fashion brands claim to be ethical but are not? Brands that pollute by overproducing and have no regard for the planet or the consumer. So we invite you to take your time, to slow down... to release the pressure and choose with us the "timeless".

Do you know how to wear it?

To vary, the women's overshirt is available in several colours, natural, black and dark grey. Our women's overshirt jacket is made from 100% recycled materials. A true return to our roots! In this day and age, we decided to create a ready-to-wear brand with 100% ethical and 100% ecological womenswear. It is so trendy to take care of the planet and we understood that. So join us in spreading the Pamuuc movement! For sustainable and authentic women's vests that you will cherish year after year.

FAQ - Women's Overshirt

What size jacket should I choose?

There are several tips for choosing the right size for a woman's jacket. For example, to find out the exact size, you will measure your body from collarbone to collarbone. If you are 38 cm tall, your jacket size is 38. You can also measure your product by eye, making sure that the end of the shoulder pads fit at the break in your shoulder. You can also slide your hand under the armpit. If it fits freely, the jacket is the right size. If it doesn't fit or doesn't fit well, then it is too small. You can also use a tape measure to find out your exact size. Measure the chest circumference 1 cm below the armpits.

What are the best eco-sustainable materials for making jackets?

Eco-sustainable jackets are made from environmentally friendly materials. In addition, the eco-friendly fabrics used in the manufacture of these garments also provide comfort and are easy to care for. Fashion designers usually opt for natural fibres, such as organic cotton or hemp. These eco-sustainable materials are grown without pesticides or chemicals. In addition, the resources used in the manufacture of these eco-friendly fabrics are biodegradable and renewable. Fashion retailers are also turning to recycled polyester to design eco-sustainable jackets. This material provides more comfort and convenience for the wearer.

What natural fabrics are used to make unisex jackets?

Fashion designers use natural fibre fabrics in the design of a unisex jacket. In particular, they use organic cotton to ensure total comfort for the wearer. Organic cotton fabric is also hypoallergenic, for those with sensitive skin. Hemp is also an organic and biodegradable material. These materials are used for the unisex jacket, which can be worn on all occasions. In addition, it is a trendy and environmentally friendly piece. The unisex jacket made of ecological fabric protects the wearer from the cold, especially in winter.