Women's T-shirt - Eco-friendly and ethical collection

The light, soft and comfortable women's t-shirt for everyday use. A 100% cotton t-shirt for women that breathes all year round.

Our range of women's slim fit, short sleeve and crew neck organic cotton t-shirts are unique and comfortable items that will suit any modern woman looking for an ethical and vegan t-shirt. Whether you are an eco-conscious young mother, a dedicated student or a passionate businesswoman, our range of unique and eco-friendly women's cotton t-shirts have been created especially for you. Made from organic cotton grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides and in compliance with organic labels, these straight cut T-shirts are unique and high quality items that will serve you well for many years to come.

This range of women's T-shirts is ethically produced and made with respect for the environment, this T-shirt is a wardrobe essential that will do you and the planet good. You can wear it on any occasion, in summer with a skirt, under a jumper or with a shirt, this T-shirt will complete your look all year round. As well as being practical and ecological, it is also very comfortable, so you can wear it every day. With only 150 GSM of cotton, these T-shirts are very light.

Our women's T-shirts, at Pamuuc we only make sustainable products.

Our range of 100% organic cotton women's t-shirts will definitely find a place in your wardrobe and that of your friends, spreading an eco-responsible and vegan message by wearing Pamuuc, doing good for the planet. Our clothes are timeless and basic to avoid over-consumption and work together towards sustainability. Production is 100% local, from the yarn to the garment, and all our orders fund the planting of a tree in the Ecologi application, and for an ever cleaner planet we offset the emissions associated with shipping each order.

Our range of slim fit and loose fit T-shirts are straight cut, available in short sleeves and crew neck and made from 100% organic lightweight cotton. They are unique and comfortable pieces that will suit all modern women looking for an ethical and vegan cotton t-shirt. They come in sizes XS to XL. They are produced in black, white and the natural colour of the cotton. However, the dyeing is done on more ecological machines and we are currently working on Oeko-Tex certified dyes and other materials to reach 100% organic.

Passionate about environmental responsibility and women's T-shirts:

Our goal at Pamuuc is to create quality and environmentally friendly products. All our products are eco-friendly and 100% locally produced. With our range of women's t-shirts we want to say goodbye to over-consumption! Every order placed on our website helps to fund the planting of a tree. Basic and timeless, our range of women's T-shirts can be worn on all occasions, with a skirt in the summer, under a jumper or with a shirt to complete your look all year round. As well as being practical and environmentally friendly, it is also very comfortable, so you can wear it every day.

Our roots:

Pamuuc means "cotton" in Turkish, and indeed cotton comes from Turkey. Pamuuc was founded in April 2021 by Ayse and Leo, who are Turkish and Italian respectively. They both live in Barcelona, and after making a big change in their own clothing consumption, they decided to prioritise quality over quantity. For example, they only buy basics: simple, essential and timeless.

FAQ - Women T Shirt

What is the best cotton for a woman's t-shirt?

There are several varieties of cotton that are used for different productions and products. This depends on the characteristics of each garment. For T-shirts, the cotton that is most likely to offer you elegance, comfort and a soft touch is organic. Whether it's a standard t-shirt or a crew neck t-shirt, organic cotton ensures a high quality, durable and long lasting garment. Sleeved t-shirts are made for hot weather. Cotton has the qualities required to enjoy hot weather with ease. An organic t-shirt is therefore the product that can withstand all types of care and is tear-resistant.

How to choose a woman's t-shirt?

For variety in your wardrobe, nothing is more practical than the t-shirt. It is a staple in many styles, including casual. However, the choice of a woman's t-shirt must obey certain criteria. For example, it is necessary to choose the right cut, materials and colours. A good cut can enhance your style and refine your figure. You can therefore opt for a round neck t-shirt or sleeved t-shirts depending on your inclinations. Don't forget to focus on the neckline of your t-shirt. This is the most important part of your future garment. The other criterion not to be missed is the aesthetics of the t-shirt itself. It should not be very tight to avoid showing the marks of the bra. Try a t-shirt made of organic cotton, which is more comfortable for the skin.

How do I know if a T-shirt is made of cotton?

Cotton is a fibre of vegetable origin. It is therefore a natural product that is processed into various types of organic clothing. There are several ways and tricks to recognise and distinguish it from other synthetic materials. One of these is the properties of cotton. Its fabric is absorbent and insulating. One of the easiest ways to recognise it is by burning. Cotton burns completely without smoke. Moreover, it does not emit any particular odour unlike other materials used in textiles. The feel, density, thickness and weave of the fabric are also some of the tricks to identify a cotton T-shirt.

How do we know if a woman's T-shirt fits?

When you're an avid fashionista, you can tell if a shirt fits you or not. And yet, there are many who think that any women's T-shirt can do the job. You can tell that a women's T-shirt fits you well when the neckline is snug around the neck, the length is ideal, the sleeves of the T-shirt fit perfectly and the colour and materials are of better quality. So, a t-shirt is not that item that you can have in your wardrobe without any consideration for its fabric and style. Women's t-shirts are clothes that can complement any everyday style.

What is the origin of the cotton used in Pamuuc T-shirts?

The organic cotton used in Pamuuc products comes from Fair Wear projects in Bangladesh. The brand buys its raw material in this country. Fair Wear is an association that is responsible for maintaining control over certain cultivation and processing operations of natural materials including cotton. This entity ensures that all rules are scrupulously respected and that working conditions comply with standards. The cotton is then processed in the company's own factories in Barcelona with full control over the manufacturing process. The eco-friendly product is 100% natural.