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Lightweight, versatile, easy to wear slim fit t-shirts to be worn everyday. Made with 100% certified organic cotton, these tees are breathable and soft to the skin. Simple designs, easy to wear made for the everyday life.

The Pamuuc women t-shirt collection is designed for women who are looking for a slim fit and a light t-shirt easy to wear everyday. The fabric is made from organic cotton, which makes it soft and breathable and you can choose between easy and essential colors to be able to style as you want.

FAQ - Women T Shirt

How should a tshirt fit a women?

The best fit doesn't really exist as every woman has different opinions, but the regular fit for a woman is a t-shirt that is not too tight on their shoulders and follows the lines of the body without making it too much. Something comfortable and breathable, easy to pair with any other clothing item at any given moment.

What makes a great tee?

The material is the most important thing for us at Pamuuc. Fabric should be breathable, organic, comfortable and light. Natural colours are our go to as they can be paired with everything. So a great T-shirt should complement most of your fits. Also a great tee should not come with that itchy label. For this reason, we make our neck labels from Hand Made serigraphy.

What is the most popular type of tshirt?

The most worn T-shirts are crew neck T-shirts. They have rounded neck and they suit both men and women. However, in the last decade, women Crop tees became popular and women around the world are buying more and more of them because of their comfort in hot seasons

What are the different types of women's tshirt?

There are many types for many different occasions, t-shirts are very versatile and they are easy to combine with any style and it is up to you to choose your favourite fit:

For women we can list the top types of T-shirts:

- Crew Neck Regular Fit

- Boat Neck one colour T-shirts - Stripe Tshirts

- Loose fit natural colour T-shirts

- Asymmetric cut T-shirts

And more, but obviously there are the most used and the most common in women's clothing.

Why the tshirt can be considered eco friendly?

Sustainability is more than just the material of the shirt. It can be considered as the main aspect, but not the only one. We should focus on materials that consume less water, energy and contains less chemicals. Beside the material, colours used in the dye process are very important. If chemicals are used during that process regardless of the main material, it would not be Eco friendly.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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