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Women's Clothing - Eco Friendly Materials

We set out to provide you with comfortable, eco-friendly, and high quality clothing that will last you through your busy days. We believe in sustainability and environmental responsibility, so we use organic cotton for all of our clothes. We hope that you enjoy your new, sustainable clothes as much as we have enjoyed designing them!

We all want to be comfortable and look good. With these cotton shorts and sweatpants, you can achieve both. They are easy to wear, with a loose fit that is perfect for all day use. They are made of high quality material, eco-friendly and breathable so you won't feel hot or uncomfortable. Made for our women collection to give you the possibility of styling a full Pamuuc outfit. 

FAQ - Women's Shorts & Sweatpants

What should I look for in a sweatpants?

Definitely you should look for natural fibres, organic, Eco friendly, Eco responsible cotton. A great fit, the one that suits you best is mandatory to have a great experience when wearing them. Make sure it is comfortable, breathable, high quality so that you can use it for a long period of time. A short is great only when you feel the same comfort the first and 50th time you put it on. Feel the quality and the durability of the product to make sure you found the right one.

What are the best sweatpants made of?

There is always a debate on weather, cotton or fleece is the best material used to make sweatpants. As we strongly believe in organic products, Eco responsibility and sustainability, we tend to agree with cotton as there are already ways to produce it sustainably but especially for the comfort it brings to the garment. Everyone can have different opinions, we decided to go for cotton and we are sure you would love it too!

What are organic sweatpants?

Organic sweatpants are made out of certified organic cotton and can be categorised as a sustainable and eco-friendly product. The process used in the production of organic sweatpants allows for a less power and water consuming plant that is eco responsible. Organic sweatpants are higher quality and more durable than other types of sweatpants as the textile is not the issued from plastics and other mixtures of materials that make it cheaper and less durable.

What is the difference between jogger and sweatpants?

The difference between joggers and sweatpants is the use we make of the garment. Joggers are used for sporting activities, whereas sweatpants are more for comfort and to keep you warm and comfortable. Another difference is the materials used to produce both of them, joggers will usually be lighter and more suitable to play sports.

What type of shorts are in style for woman?

The type of shorts in style for women are many as there are different styles around. Cotton shorts are for sure the most looked for but with different type of fits. Short shorts, sports shorts, fleece shorts all of them are widely known and purchased and we would say they are the ones in style at the moment. With the rise of Organic cotton and sustainability don't miss the opportunity to have an Eco responsible closet with pamuuc's cotton shorts inside.

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