Women Packs - Save up to 20%

Women's Clothing - pamuuc Organic

Have you found the right fit? Enjoy the full color lineup and save money while purchasing more than just one. Complete your closet consciously, be eco responsible and get only what you need. We plant a tree for every purchase and offset carbon emissions.

FAQ - Women Packs

Which pack should I choose?

You should always choose a pack that you know is necessary to your closet and that is versatile for the different situations you encounter during your day. Make sure that you actually need it and not just want it, packs are made to save money and complete a part of your closet.

How long does a hoodie last?

Hoodies can last many years, it all depends on how much you want to wear them and where do you want to use them but we would say at least 3-5 years. With high quality materials and good care there is no reason a hoodie shouldn't last that long. At pamuuc we use organic cotton and recycled polyester to make hoodies and as we tested them thoroughly we know they can last a very long time.

What is the benefit of buying more than one?

Many benefits to buying just more than one, the first one and the most obvious is the price. The less is costing us, the less it costs you. Buying in bulk a product you like gives you the opportunity to wear it more times, making sure it would last longer in time. Other brands do no sell in packs and you might have to buy twice the same product without any discount or choice of colours.