Women Hoodies & Sweatshirts made Sustainably

Our women's sweatshirts and hoodies with or without hood in organic cotton for winter

With winter approaching and the cold weather setting in, people are often looking for warm and comfortable clothes to wear both indoors and outdoors. That's why our range of stylish women's hoodies, but also women's sweatshirts, will be ideal for your cosy evenings by the fire, or while walking in town or in the forest, and even for an evening out with friends.

It's an oversized sweatshirt so you can wear it next to your skin or underneath an organic cotton t-shirt from our collection for extra softness and when you feel like it. Our hoodies are vegan and made from organic cotton, a sustainable and ecological material that respects not only the environment and our beloved planet, but also the people who make them. All our items at Pamuuc come from the Fair Wear project and are ethically designed.

High quality, warm and soft clothing for everyday use:

At Pamuuc we go beyond the 'organic' brands that use excessive marketing to ultimately replicate what fast fashion brands are doing. All our women's hoodies and sweatshirts are made from 85% certified organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester for a total product weight of 350 gsm. As a result, our range of stylish women's hoodies are ideal for your winter evenings by the fire, a walk in the city or the woods, or even a dinner for two. Available in a variety of styles, the women's oversized hoodie comes with or without a hood and in a range of sizes to suit all body types, from XS to XL. To vary the pleasure, it is available in several colours, natural hoodie, black hoodie and navy blue hoodie.

Our goal as a brand:

With Pamuuc, you are spreading an eco-responsible and vegan message by wearing basic and timeless clothing, doing yourself and the planet a favour. Our aim at Pamuuc is to avoid over-consumption and to work together towards sustainability. Our production is 100% local, from yarn to garment, and every order we receive funds the planting of a tree in the "Ecologi" application. And for an ever cleaner planet, we offset the emissions associated with shipping each order.

FAQ - Women's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

What type of sweatshirt should I choose for a woman?

Before choosing a sweatshirt for her, it is important to think about the style, colours and cut of the garment. These are important elements in the choice. The right sweatshirt is the one that brings out a woman's femininity. It is therefore necessary to know how to choose the cut, the shape and the colour of the garment. It is also necessary to know if it is a hoodie or a hooded shirt. Some women do not hesitate to choose oversized hoodies. These are models that emphasize the femininity of the woman. So follow a few simple rules to wear a sweatshirt while remaining feminine.

How to choose an oversized hoodie for women?

To be fashionable, the choice of an oversized hoodie must follow a few rules of style and fashion. Depending on the trends of each woman, an oversized hoodie should be long so that it can be worn with dresses as well as with trousers. It is a cute and very stylish item that can be worn with ankle boots or a pair of canvas trainers for an urban look. For the winter months, you can choose a hoodie to wear over leggings. To wear your sweatshirt to the office, choose plain, sober colours. For a casual look, pair your women's hoodie with a shirt, the perfect combo!

How to choose the best sweatshirt size for women?

Choosing the right size for a woman's sweatshirt can be done with a tape measure or a thread. You will measure the chest size at the nipple. You can refer to a size guide for the brand or model you are choosing. For example, a chest size of 92 cm is an S and a chest size of 112 cm is an XXL. Of course, this is not the only criterion that counts when choosing the best size. You should choose the size that goes with your morphology, the desired model (oversize or not) and the cut of your hoodie.

What are the best clothes to wear with a women's hoodie?

Love your hoodie and want to pair it with another piece? No problem. There's a long selection of items to choose from. You can pair it with a denim jacket for a casual, liberated look. You can also pair it with denim trousers, or classic trousers for a more sober and serious look. Why not also with a jacket to innovate and sublimate your outfit. Finally, don't hesitate to put a jacket over your hoodie during the cold seasons. It's practical and very trendy. In addition to your outfit, don't forget to play on the colours to highlight your hoodie.

What is the hood of the sweatshirt for?

The hood of a sweatshirt is generally used to protect from the weather. Otherwise known as a bonnet, the hood keeps the head safe from the cold or wind. A hooded sweatshirt can also protect the wearer from rain or a shower. As an integral part of the sweatshirt, the hood is also designed to frame the face or even to hide it. It can also be used to protect the hair or neck from cold. Thus, a hooded sweatshirt offers a look like any other to its wearer, but with a smaller field of vision and hearing.