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We want you to stay warm and cozy this winter, while staying eco-conscious at the same time. An organic cotton hoodie is just the answer! It's heavy enough to keep you warm all winter long, but not too heavy that it's uncomfortable. Enjoy choosing your favorite color and size for maximum comfort.

Women's oversized hoodies & sweatshirt. Made with certified organic cotton and gentle, high-quality materials. Available in different styles to match any outfit. Everyday clothing with a personal touch.

FAQ - Women's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

How should sweatshirt fit a women?

This is subjective and every woman has a different opinion on this subject, but at Pamuuc we believe that a Sweatshirt should fit a little bit loose on the shoulders, follows the body closely without compressing it and give enough space on the sleeves to more around comfortably. Sweatshirts are made to be comfortable and breathable therefore make sure to find these characteristics when you purchase one.

How do you get the perfect sweatshirt?

The perfect sweatshirt is the one you try and feel immediately cosy in... Some characteristics that would help that search would be organic cotton, heavy cotton GSM, natural colouring and a medium/loose fit. Guaranteed success if you manage to find a product similar to what mentioned.

At Pamuuc we have tried many sweatshirts and we tested them thoroughly... after trying it extensively and launching our Loose fit sweatshirt we only got 5 star reviews, and the main reason is how easy is it to wear and how comfortable it is to keep on all day long.

Which season is best for sweatshirt?

Out of the 4 seasons sweatshirts can be worn in 3 of them. Autumn, Winter and Spring are the perfect sweatshirt seasons. With warmer temperatures in Autumn and Spring you might wear your sweatshirt with nothing on top or a light rain jacket, but essentially it would be enough to keep you warm. In winter as temperatures might drop you can combine your heavy and warm sweatshirt with a nice jacket and make it the perfect clothing item for that 2-3 month period.

What color hoodie is the most popular?

Hoodies most popular colours are Black, Grey, Beige and Navy. These are the most solid colours, but also the easiest to combine with other clothing items, making them extremely popular. However, do not hesitate to look for alternative colours to express yourself and create new outfits.

Should hoodies be worn oversized?

Hoodies are made to be comfortable and in the last few years the oversized trend as has grown massively and therefore you might think hoodie = oversize. We believe that a medium/loose fit hoodie is a great solution to propose to customers, organic and recycled materials for the comfortable feeling and heavy GSM for the ultimate cosiness.

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