Sustainable Women Collection

Pamuuc Women clothing

From 100% Organic fibers such as our cotton to a small percentage of upcycled materials, you can find every piece of essential women clothing at Pamuuc.

Soft, Warm, Cozy and timeless designs to make you feel amazing throughout the years.

The new women collection is designed to empower and make you feel confident, while being eco-friendly. All garments are made with sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton. They are easy to wear, comfortable and made to last. You will find t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, cotton shorts and sweatpants for your everyday life style. 

FAQ - Women Clothing

How can woman be more fashionable?

This is a small guide for buying less, shopping better and transforming your look in the process.

First of all please remember, trends come and go, but style is forever. To be truly stylish, it does not take a huge budget or walk in closets full of designer clothes. It comes with simplicity and personal touches. The first suggestion is: keep it simple. You should have timeless pieces that will not go out of style. A good pair of denim, a white tee and vegan leather loafers/white sneakers will never let you down. Keeping it simple will make you look more elegant, although you can always elevate your look with a variety of accessories.

Another tip is: do not buy anything for only one occasion. It is true, we are all guilty of it. Instead of purchasing something specifically for certain events, try to have a few dressier pieces in your wardrobe that are more versatile. If you purchase something simple and classic, you’ll be able to wear it again. Be realistic and honest with yourself. Clothes are meant to fit us, not the other way around If it does not fit you any more, it is time to sell it or donate it.

Remember, no clothing should go to waste. Sometimes we are all falling for marketing deals, especially when it comes to investment designer pieces just because there is a discount. Never buy something just because it’s a great deal. No matter how affordable it was, if you wear it once, it is a waste of money! Take time to discover new brands. It’s great to have your core brands who you trust, but there are always so many new, sustainable brands hitting the market that are waiting to be discovered. From high-end designer labels to more affordable mid-range brands, keep exploring all year round. You’ll end up with some truly special pieces. Most likely to be more sustainable and ethical!

What factors do you consider when you shop online?

When you shop online, remember that size guides are your best friend!

Sometimes, we skip the step of reading into size charts, however to get the fit we wish these charts will be our biggest help. When you shop only, check the size chart as well as the size worn by the model and his/her size.

Another important point is reviewed. Product reviews can give you a clue about the quality of the product. An online store should have various payment methods for customers to choose from. If they provide only one type of payment method, it should raise a flag.

The return policy is another key factor in online shopping. What happens if the product delivered to you was damaged or it isn’t what you ordered at all? You should be able to return it. If an online store doesn’t have a return policy, it means you’re taking a risk. It's a big red flag!

How do you dress comfy but stylish?

Here are some pieces of clothing that are comfy but stylish:

- High wasted denims

- White and other neutral color basic tees

- Jumpsuit made from light material such as linen or hemp

- Loose fit hoodie black/navy

- Matching color joggers

- Grey/black knitted basics with trousers.

How do women choose their clothes?

As normal as it sounds, we would not necessarily think about this, but women usually choose their clothes based on their current emotions. Clothing being an amazing way to express yourself it is also a representation of your current mood.

Women statistically answer this question by showcasing specific emotions in that moment in time.

What clothes do women buy most?

It is not a secret that women, statistically, buy more dresses than anything else. Not by a very big margin, but still more than other garments.

However, the trend in the last few years has drastically changed as women seek for comfort wear more and more often. Oversized Hoodies and T-shirts, comfortable cotton shorts or tracksuits, high socks, biker shorts and more... a woman's closet is changing fast and this is what is coming in.

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