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Loose Fit Tees made for any type of body, from XS to XXL sizes and more to come. The best colors available, easy to style and most importantly organic. Based on high quality textile to produce long lasting and timeless garments.

Pamuuc Essentials unisex tshirts are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Pamuuc clothes are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they're free of harmful substances and safe for you and the environment. Made with no genders or body types in mind, you will feel comfortable every time you put it on. 

FAQ - Unisex T Shirt

What are the difference between unisex and womens tshirt?

The biggest differences are the shapes of the neckline but also the fit on the shoulders and sleeves. As unisex T-Shirts are made to fit anyone and are not made to show body shapes as much as a women tshirt, the sizes of the neck and sleeves are quite different.

Always check the size guide of a Unisex T-shirt to see how it would fit you compared to a women normal fit t-shirt.

Are all tshirt unisex?

Theoretically, yes all shirts can be worn by anyone if you can find a size that fits you. However, not all T-shirts are designed unisex. Features like shoulder width, neckline, sleeves and waist width are the most important things designers consider when creating a T-shirt and therefore assign it a gender or a fit to make it easier for us to choose based on what will be easier to wear.

Unisex T-shirts are another category and are designed to be worn by anyone without really thinking about how it would fit on the waist, neck, shoulders and sleeves.

What is a unisex tshirt?

A Unisex t-shirt is, very simply a garment that has been designed with no gender in mind. It is a T-shirt made for everyone that fits well on any body type.

It differs from gender categorized garments were features are measured around common body types for each gender.

How does production of tshirt affect the environment?

Unisex size is slightly different to men size and therefore fits differently to a men designed product. You will see how the T-shirt fits differently on the shoulders and how long it might be.

Size guide comparison is a great way to know what the differences really are and you could measure it before buying one.

What is eco unisex tee?

As the name suggests, ecological unisex tees are t-shirts made from 100% organic, sustainable or recycled materials. The fit will be unisex and the materials, sustainable so it makes it "Eco".

Make sure to check for certifications or ask the brand for them before buying anything claimed ecological.

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