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Easy to wear, comfortable, soft and stylish garments made for everyday use. Our Shorts and Sweatpants will make you feel cozy all day long with a touch of style that you can personalize with any other clothing item. Made of Organic cotton and recycled materials with eco responsibility in mind.

Unisex cotton shorts and sweatpants are popular for their all day use, they are also very easy to wear and comfortable. They are made of high quality material, eco-friendly and breathable so you won't feel hot or uncomfortable. You'll look good too!

FAQ - Unisex Shorts & Sweatpants

What are jogger shorts?

Jogger shorts are usually made of cotton or jersey and are part of sportswear apparel. As many other shorts they usually reach just above the knee and serve multiple purposes. Cotton shorts are great when you want a simple outfit to go everywhere, very comfortable and easy to combine with many tops from T-Shirts to Hoodies and avoiding Shirts.

What is the softest material for sweatpants?

The softer material is for sure fleece but it is not necessarily the highest quality. As we developed sweatpants and shorts at Pamuuc we looked for long lasting and very soft materials for comfort and ended up with the mix we have on our current line which does not include fleece. We believe in overall quality of the product over the quality of only 1 feature.

What is the best color of sweatpants?

We believe that Black, Navy and Beige are the best colors for sweatpants as you can really create easy and unique looks for staying at home or for a casual day. Styling can be hard for many people, but these colors will make it easier for everyone

Should joggers be tight or loose?

As joggers should be a comfortable garment you can choose how you want the fit to be. We generally suggest to be not too tight in order to have that coziness and free movement for which they have been thinking for.

What size is unisex medium pants?

At Pamuuc we consider that a Unisex M size pant is the equivalent of a Regular FIt S/M size for men and Regular Fit M/L for women. Always check the size guide of the product to make sure it is the right fit for you.

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