Unisex Clothing Packs - For everyone

Organic Unisex Clothing - Pamuuc

Share it with your partner, with your friends or with your familiy. Garments made to be worn by any body type and gender save up to 20% buying in packs and enjoy it with more people. High quality, eco friendly clothing made to last.

FAQ - Unisex Packs

Do Unisex products all fit the same?

Unisex products with the same fit should fit similar to each other. Every brand, then decides the length of every part of the garment, but the general look shouldn't change too much. The great thing about Unisex products is the fact that they are designed without taking into account genders or body types, they are designed for comfort and simplicity of wearing.

How long should clothes last?

At Pamuuc we really believe that if you buy quality garments, take good care of them, they should last at least 3 to 5 years if not more. Washing them at 30 degrees, do not mix them with other colours will not stop you from daily using some garments. Keep it in mind and try to make them last as long as possible

Can I share unisex clothing with my partner?

Of course! Unisex clothing is meant for everyone and the most sustainable thing you could do is sharing! We love this concept and really encourage it. Eco-Responsibility is very important and sharing is all about that, buy together with your partner and enjoy clothing together.