Unisex Overshirt - 100% Recycled Garment

A unisex overshirt made from 100% recycled materials

Get ready for winter with our unisex overshirts to protect you from the cold while giving you a classy and classic look. Unisex overshirts are one of our many eco-friendly products, and at Pamuuc we focus on comfort and above all quality. Available in a range of sizes and colours, you'll be looking forward to the winter season when you can put on your oversized, comfortable winter shirt.

The unisex overshirt is made from 100% recycled products such as recycled polyester and we are one of the few brands to offer this type of 100% ecological product. Our products are Oeko-Tex certified, ethical and durable products that will serve you for a long time, it is a quality label with certain technical standards that certifies the sanitary and ecological qualities of the dyes applied to the fabrics used. At Pamuuc we do not use any products that are toxic to the body or the environment. If you are tired of over-consumption and are looking for sustainable jackets or other clothing, then Pamuuc is for you.

A timeless and casual unisex overshirt jacket with an ecological design.

After only one year in business, we have found the channel that allows us to be GOTS, OEKO-TEX and Fair Wear certified, ensuring the transparency and ethics that our customers expect. So here's to going green with our winter overshirt range. A comfortable and pleasant outfit for spending convivial moments with your family or friends, going to work or taking a stroll around town. Our basic and timeless jackets will accompany you in your most precious moments, in a durable way that you can count on for a long time to come.

Discover our range of timeless winter jackets for everyone, made from 100% recycled products.

Our greatest wish is to preserve the planet and create a 100% ecological brand. By wearing one of our timeless Pamuuc overshirts, you will be sending a message of eco-responsibility and commitment, your clothing will be vegan and made from 100% recycled or natural materials. Our production is 100% local, from the yarn to the garment, and all our orders finance the planting of a tree in the "Ecologi" application, and for an ever cleaner planet, we offset the emissions associated with shipping each order.

FAQ - Unisex Overshirt

What should I consider when choosing a quality jacket?

The jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is therefore important to take the time to choose it. Whether it's a women's jacket, a blouson jacket or a work jacket, certain criteria must be taken into account. There are several types of jackets, so choose the one that suits your fashion and taste. There are models for casual, streetwear, rock or sportswear. It is also important to take into account the measurements, the length and the cut of your jacket. The sleeves, armhole and shoulders must also be adapted to your morphology.

When to wear a cotton jacket?

Cotton is a material with many qualities. A cotton jacket is therefore ideal for both winter and half-season periods. You can choose a men's jacket or a men's work jacket made of this warm, resistant, soft and comfortable material. This material offers better thermal insulation and protects you from extreme cold. For half-seasons, organic cotton jackets are perfect to counter the humidity and bring more softness and lightness. For your work, a cotton jacket can also act as a quality garment in addition to the comfort it provides.

How to extend the life of a cotton jacket?

In order to extend the life of a cotton jacket, the following points must be observed. Firstly, protecting the cotton jacket from care to storage is essential to extend its life. Pre-cleaning a stubborn stain is recommended. Natural solid soap can be used for more effective washing without damaging the cotton fabric. To increase the life of the cotton jacket, you can opt for a gentle wash with a natural detergent in a washing machine at 30°C. Natural drying is also recommended. But before doing so, it is necessary to stretch the cotton jacket slightly to bring it back into shape. Once dry, it can be ironed with steam.