Men's T-shirt - Made from 100% organic cotton

Our basic men's t-shirts for men made from organic cotton.

A collection of quality men's t-shirts made for you. Our range of quality men's t-shirts is perfect for you and suits all styles! With a modern yet classic style, our T-shirts are perfect for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the planet and the environment. Whether you're a hip young man or a family man, the simplicity of this item makes it a unique quality basic men's t-shirt that suits everyone. Our classic cut men's t-shirts will give you a stylish and casual look without any fuss.

A quality vegan men's t-shirt made from environmentally friendly organic cotton. If you don't want to hear about fast fashion and you want a unique, quality garment, then this t-shirt is for you. It is made from 100% organic fabric and like all our products at Pamuuc, it comes from the Fair Wear project and is therefore produced ethically and in accordance with ecological standards. Available in various sizes and colours.

Our range of men's t-shirts is original and perfect for you and suits all styles!

These are basic organic men's t-shirts made in a short circuit in Barcelona, they are environmentally friendly and come in several sizes and models. They have round collars, short sleeves and are made of 220 GSM cotton so they follow the lines of the body. All our men's shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, which makes them light and breathable, the cotton fibres let your skin breathe. A comfortable and pleasant garment to wear. All our items come from the FairWear project, an association in charge of maintaining control over the cultivation and processing of natural materials such as cotton. It ensures that there is no child labour, that working conditions are good, that wages are "living wages" and that workers do not have difficulties to live in their country.

Men's T-shirts, durable and high quality product:

Our basic men's T-shirts are made of natural cotton, 100% organic. With Pamuuc, spread an eco-responsible and committed message by wearing authentic and timeless men's clothing. Indulge yourself and your loved ones and let's break the fast-fashion codes together, stop over-consumption. Our goal at Pamuuc is to work together towards sustainability. Our production is 100% local, from the yarn to the garment, and all our orders finance the planting of a tree in the "Ecologi" application, and for an ever cleaner planet, we compensate the emissions linked to the shipping of each order.

FAQ - Men's T Shirt

Which cotton to choose for a T-shirt?

For a t-shirt, you can choose between several fabrics and natural materials. In addition to jersey and classic fabrics, you can opt for organic cotton T-shirts. An ecological T-shirt can guarantee the quality you are looking for. Organic cotton comes from plantations that respect environmental standards. It is also a material that is comfortable and pleasant to wear. There are, of course, finer and more durable types of cotton such as Pima. However, if you choose an organic cotton crew neck t-shirt you are guaranteeing your skin softness and a breathable fabric with moisture absorption capabilities.

What sizes are the Pamuuc men's T-shirts available in?

Pamuuc T-shirts are available in all sizes requested by customers. The sizes range from S to XL. A size guide is available on the brand's platform. It is a tool that can guide you to the sizes you are looking for. The table offers you size indicators in cm and inches. In addition to the size of your men's shirt, you have a fairly detailed listing of the fit and look it can give you. Pamuuc's ecological t-shirt is also available in various cuts and colours, including round-neck shirts.

What environmentally friendly dyes are used in Pamuuc T-shirts?

In addition to the quality of the fabric made from organic cotton yarn, the dyes used by Pamuuc are natural. They are made on specially designed and adapted machines. The dyes are made from natural products such as soya. Other technologies are being developed to make the processes more advanced in this area. Pamuuc aims to achieve 100% natural dyes without any industrial inputs. The dyeing, which is done in-house, is OEKO-TEX certified. The garment maker is also GOTS certified. This means that the eco-friendly products are completely natural and therefore of the highest quality.

How to combine a man's T-shirt?

There are many ways to combine a men's t-shirt. Whether it's for a casual, start-up or relaxed look, the t-shirt goes well with jeans or a chino. You can also wear it with organic clothing for a sporty look or a night out on the town. However, make sure your garment is not too loose or too tight. In addition to the pieces you wear with it, don't forget to pay special attention to the colours. A t-shirt can be combined endlessly, but don't neglect the desired or desired style. An organic t-shirt goes with everything!

What are the most sustainable tshirt?

The Most sustainable fabrics in the productions of T-shirts are listed below:

Organic cotton: Made from natural fibres

No pesticides or chemicals used

BiodegradableWicks away sweat

Breathable Soft however, requires a lot of water.

Tencel: Natural fibres

No pesticides or chemicals required Biodegradable


Breathable however, uses a lot of water.

Linen: Made from sustainably harvested wood raw materials

Requires less waster than cotton

Sustainable Biodegradable


However, chemical processing is required to turn the fibre to a fabric.