Men's T Shirt - Made from 100% Organic Cotton

Regular fit - eco responsible t-shirts

Garments made from 100% fully sustainable and biodegrable textile. Our men's tshirt collection is created with a regular fit and a loose fit variants for you to experience both styles in your everyday life.

High quality t-shirts to complete your wardrobe with timeless essentials.

You'll love wearing our organic cotton t-shirts every day. The perfect mix of comfort, style, and simplicity, you can't go wrong with these. Great for working out or just hanging around the house, these high quality shirts are long lasting and eco responsible.

FAQ - Men's T Shirt

What type of tshirt is most popular?

As far as Tshirts go, the most popular style is Normal / Regular Fit Crew Neck that takes the crown. It is the easiest to find, the safe spot for most people and there are infinite options to find around.

Most recently, the medium fit or oversized tees are starting to come up the charts and this is due to fashion trends that have been set by many industries like music and different sports.

What type of tshirt should I wear?

This would obviously depend on the occasion you are looking a T-shirt for but here are our suggestions that work for almost every setting. A simple, essential light coloured hoodie, sweatshirt, shirt, shirt with a dark blue or black pants/shorts is a perfect combination. The other way around also looks amazing... a dark top with a light bottom or even a dark bottom as well is very easy to pull off everywhere.

How should a man dress a tee shirt?

There are infinite options, here are some of the most popular:

- Blazer on top

- Denim pants or shorts

- Cotton shorts

- Black pants

- Baseball Cap

- Sneakers (vegan preferred)

Look for simplicity, well matched colours and you will dress according to any type of situation.

What are the highest quality tshirt made of?

The main factor that affects the quality of the T-shirt is the material. Cotton is considered as one of the best fabrics for production of theirs since it is soft and breathable.

However, conventional cotton contains many harmful chemicals and pesticides due to the farming method. On the other hand, organic cotton farming is free of these harmful factors. That makes organic cotton fabrics better quality and better fit for sensitive skins.

The other factor that impacts the quality of the T-shirt is construction quality. The positioning of the seams is crucial for appearance and fit. Also stitching should be flawless to make sure the T-shirt is a premium quality end product.

What are the most sustainable tshirt?

The Most sustainable fabrics in the productions of T-shirts are listed below:

Organic cotton: Made from natural fibres

No pesticides or chemicals used

BiodegradableWicks away sweat

Breathable Soft however, requires a lot of water.

Tencel: Natural fibres

No pesticides or chemicals required Biodegradable


Breathable however, uses a lot of water.

Linen: Made from sustainably harvested wood raw materials

Requires less waster than cotton

Sustainable Biodegradable


However, chemical processing is required to turn the fibre to a fabric.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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