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As we always say, a man you should have between 7 and 11 T-shirts, 5 shirts, 2 or 3 sweatshirts and hoodies and 10 bottoms to create the perfect sustainable closet. Pieces made from high quality materials able to last for years to come. Does your closet look like this?

FAQ - Men's Clothing Packs

How many clothing items should I own?

There is no correct answer to this question, but here is what we think could make a great closet:

- 7-10 T-Shirts

- 3 to 5 Shirts

- 2 Sweatshirts

- 2 Hoodies

- 2 Denims

- 2 Formal pants

- 3 Shorts

- A Few Jackets to mix and match with the rest.

And maybe a little more specific items we didn't mention. Overall you should get an idea and see that no large quantities are needed to have a high quality, long lasting closet full of garments you will love.

How many clothes should men pack a week?

Men usually pack a T-shirt per day, a few shirts, 3 pants, 7 pieces of underwear and 7-10 pair of socks per week. This is the most basic you can find and you can go up in numbers from here but remember not to exaggerate. No one needs endless amounts of clothing and changing 3 times a day. Think in sustainability when building your closet

Why men buy the same t-shirt more than once?

Practicality, men usually like to wear the same fit in different colours and therefore tend to buy more of the same product at once. T-shirts are the easiest garment you can buy in bulk and make sure you won't be disappointed in what you get. Every man has a different preference in styles and fits, but when they find the right one they tend not to leave it.