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Eco responsibility is at the heart of our mission to create timeless clothing that is sustainable and good for our planet. Therefore, we designed our Men's collection with eco-responsible resources and processes to prove that it is indeed possible.

We set out to create the perfect staple garments: the t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, sweatpants and shorts. We use only certified organic cotton and environmentally sustainable fabrics, ensuring that these basic items are available for longer in your wardrobe. Organic clothing for sustainable living.

FAQ - Men's Clothing

How men choose the best clothes?

Dressing up well is a skill to develop. From clothing to accessories, there are many ways you can elevate your look. Not only does a wardrobe filled with essential pieces help you look great, but it can also boost your confidence.

For men, to dress up well the key is sticking up to classic and timeless styles. Trends may come and go, but classic pieces are forever. To have impeccable style, you should start picking basic pieces such as regular fit white tees, a pair of denim or sneaker shoes. Those pieces would not go out of style nor let you down in many different occasions.

For clothing it is always quality over quantity. Quality pieces will not only make you look more stylish, they will also last longer. Another main factor is the fit. You should find the right fit for your body type and style.

What clothes should a guy wear?

Everyone should wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in, and should also make sure they are as sustainable as possible. However, here are some clothing tips that will keep wardrobe sharp and ready for almost for every occasion:

- Selection of light color t-shirts

- Dark color basic sweathirt

- Linen shirt

- A good pair of jeans

- A pair of leather boots (we suggest vegan leather)

- Oversized / Loose fit hoodie

- A pair of classic sunglasses,

- A pair of technical trousers / Cargo Pants

- A good pair of joggers (also Vegan recommended, or recycled)

- A basic knitted sweater.

What should a man wear around the house?

Obviously this is subjective for each and every one of us, but the most common pieces to wear at home are:

- Oversized T-Shirt

- Hoodie

- Oversized, warm and comfortable

- Sweatshirt if you prefer instead of the Hoodie

- Sweatpants or Cotton Shorts

- Linen Shorts

- A nice pair of pyjamas

- A Onesie

These are some of the things that men wear around the house, but don't hesitate to combine these garments with other that you might have in mind, to create your perfect home outfit for every season.

What is comfortable casual attire?

Casual and comfortable clothing is made for you to go around, after work or on weekends, with simple and essential clothing that will make you feel at ease.

Free from all the dress codes that may be imposed in other situations. A nice pair of denim, a light coloured t-shirt or a Sweatshirt / Hoodie if in the cold season, can do the trick.

Nothing complicated, something you don't have to think about in the morning when dressing up.

How can I look better as a man?

As subjective as this can be, you can always find a safe spot in dressing better. Easy, basic, essential clothing is the key to look good. Light or Dark colours like white, beige or black and navy will literally go well with anything. Of course a shirt, a hoodie, a sweatshirt in those colours and a denim or a chino pant are the gold standard. Keep it simple!

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