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Our little ones need more attention than we do, especially when it comes to clothing. Organic cotton is chemical free and colors are OEKO TEX certified which means that you will never ever have to worry when dressing them anymore.

Oeko Tex certified clothing for your newborn. Everything available in different sizes, all made with certified organic cotton for maximum quality and comfort.

FAQ - Babies & Kids

What is the main concern when choosing children's wear?

When it comes to selecting your kids' clothing the main rule is that safety and comfort shall come first.

Some toddler clothing may contain harmful chemicals or synthetic textile. Which may be allergenic for baby skin, since their skin is more sensitive and immune system is not fully developed. For some babies, allergic reactions may not be observed, however harmful chemicals in baby clothes may have some long term impacts on the babies/kids health.

Another important point would be functionality of the clothes. They should be easy to put and take off. For baby clothes neck buttons, for kids clothes wide necks would help you to dress your toddler more easy.

What are the 5 things I should look for in todlers clothing?

1. Fabric: One of the most important things you should look at when buying children's clothes is the fabric. Since kids are mostly very active they are more likely to sweat very much. To help your child feel comfortable you should pick clothes made of cotton if possible organic cotton as they could help absorb sweat quickly, and they’re breathable.

2. Size: Kids grow up in the blink of an eye. So more sustainable and economical option is sizing up solidly when you purchase toddle clothing that can at least be used a year. And once they are not fitting your toddler anymore, it can be another kid´s clothes.

3. Colours and Pattern: It may seem fine to dress your toddler with extremely loud colours, however it may be difficult to pull off. Ideally, you should have a neutral colour palette. They can have plain white/black T-shirt, black or denim pants or skirts and beige clothing. Having neutral colours and patterns will make it easier to incorporate them with all other clothing pieces of your toddler. This will help create the perfect outfits for your little one!

4. Seasonal Choices: Sometimes long sleeve knitted sweater or a dress may look good, but do not purchase those pieces if the weather is not calling. It may cause a discomfort for the kid.

5. Their likes: While you are shopping for childcare you should also keep in mind their taste and what they like. Kid also should enjoy what they wear and feel good in it.

Are organic baby clothes worth it?

If you did some educational reading during pregnancy, you are probably familiar with benefits of organic products. When it comes to clothing let us explain why it is so important to protect babies´ skin and top benefits of organic baby clothes.

First of all, it is free of chemicals and pesticides. Synthetic clothes may contain ranges of harmful or risky substances which may cause skin irritation or trigger children eczema. With organic clothing you will be reducing these risks dramatically. Another benefit of organic toddler clothing is environmental impact.

As parents, you probably do all you can do to provide Eco friendly solutions for your family, kids and for a better future. Organic cotton farming has so much less carbon footprint than conventional cotton or synthetic fabrics. Since harmful chemicals are not used in organic cotton farming, they don’t kill the existing bugs and animals around their field. Nature can behave as how it should behave.

Last but not least, organic cotton will give more comfort to your baby. Since it is more gentle on the skin and material is adaptable to the conditions, it will help maintain your babies healthy body temperature.

What clothing material is best for babies?

Organic fabric, and organic cotton fabric in particular, is the perfect choice for babies, as it is grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Organic cotton is soft and highly absorbent, and it is gentle against a baby’s skin. Babies and toddlers often have allergies or specific skin conditions which can be aggravated by rough and/or synthetic fabrics.

Using organic cotton is a safe way to ensure that children will be comfortable, even if they have skin issues which are triggered by heavy dyes and chemicals.

Do baby clothes have chemical?

Almost all textiles contain several chemicals, although the amount of chemicals that are released by most textiles is not so high and might not pose any significant health risk to adults.

However, babies immune system are not as developed and they are more vulnerable to chemicals than the average adult. Due to their sensitive skin, they are more open to skin irritations, rashes or some other side effects. Not to face those side effects, synthetic fabrics should be avoided.

The best choice for the baby would be organic cotton fabric clothes since they are chemically free.

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