Accessories - 100% Organic Cotton

Caps - Bucket Hats - Beanies - Bags

Simplicity and easy to wear pieces were our motto when making accessories for our clothing. 100% Organic, Eco Friendy, Eco Responsible and more importantly made close to home in Barcelona, Spain.

Finish your outfit in style. Caps, Beanies and Bags all made of 100% organic cotton and finished in Barcelona, Spain. Easy to wear colours, no chemicals used in the dye process and long lasting, high quality products for you to carry everywhere.

FAQ - Accessories

What are accessories for clothing?

Accessories in fashion are complements that finish your outfit for the day. A cap, a beanie, a bag or any other small object that is complementary to the tops and bottoms you put on. Accessories have been entered into fashion to incentive creativity and creation of new styles.

What are the accessories?

Accessories have a wide range of products to complement your outfits. Here are a few examples:

- Hats

- Caps

- Bags

- Belts

- Jewellery

- Scarves

- Gloves- Glasses

and obviously many, many more. Make sure to pick your favourite fashion accessory to finish your outfit.

Are accessories apparel?

Yes, they are considered as apparel and they are an integral part of clothing in general. Accessories are the finishing touch to any outfit and has now been a very important part of fashion for centuries.

What fashion accessories do women wear?

Women use a wide range of accessories and they mostly combine many of them in a single outfit. A few examples of these would be the following:

- Bags

- Jewelry.

- Scarves.

- Hats and Caps

- Sunglasses and eyewear.

- Belts

Of course we only mention the most common, but if you search more in depth you would find many more accessories for women that are widely known and used around the world

Why are accessories important for fashion?

Accessories are important for fashion as they are differentiation between yourself and all other people. Fashion accessories give you space for creativity and expression of your emotions, they are very important as they give you an identity.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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