Why Pre-Order?

It is no secret that fast fashion has set a very bad example on how to overproduce, overconsume and pollute the environment. This is why we are seeing the rise of organic brands and pre-order sales. 

The pre order system is a sustainable way to buy products because it reduces the need for excess production. This means that there will be less waste and less transport emissions, making one part of the supply chain more efficient.

How does it impact brands and consumers?

On one hand pre ordering enables brands to make the samples of the new collection, shoot some pictures and present it to their customers without taking the risk of producing too much or too little. By putting out the product months earlier than the season they are meant for, they can see the impact of what they have designed, in terms of sales and therefore production. It enables them to cut costs such as production, transport and warehousing and allows for cheaper prices when selling retail.

On the other hand, for end consumers, they have the possibility to purchase clothing for the next season 2-3 months ahead and make sure they do not over buy and get exactly what they need. As well as brands, since production, warehousing and transportation costs are cut, consumers also get to pay less than what they would essentially pay if the product had to be stored for a longer period of time. 

It is a win-win situation and the transparency that brands enable in this process is priceless for consumers that usually do not see these processes in fashion.

How do we manage Pre-Orders at Pamuuc?

As you may have seen, some products in our catalogue are labeled as “Available to pre order” and this is because, as of today, we produce them on demand. We do not give a lead time of 2-3 months as other brands do when launching a new collection, we just produce in approximately 20 days whatever you may need. And this is segmented in the following way:

- Day 1: We receive your order

- Day 2 - 7: We start the manufacturing process

- Day 7 - 12: Embroidery and Serigraphy are made

- Day 12 - 14: We do our final check

- Day 15 - 18: It's finally shipped to you!