What is sustainability in fashion?

Sustainability is the practice of living without harming the environment. It has become a more important issue in recent years due to the increasing use of chemicals in general production and the overconsumption of goods around the world. 

The definition of sustainability in fashion is broader than just using organic cotton and chemical free materials. It includes living wages, reducing water consumption, reducing transport, and offsetting emissions.

Organic cotton vs “Normal” Cotton:

Why is it so important to point out? Because most of the fashion industry uses conventional cotton and does not care about the impact this has on our environment and our future. With fast fashion and cheap clothing most brands look to make quick money and don’t consider the consequences of their actions. 

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals. It is not genetically modified and does not contain any artificial additives which means that it will not harm any soil and is more environmentally friendly overall. 

The benefits of organic cotton are that it requires  91% less water to grow and therefore uses less energy, has no GMOs or pesticides, and produces 46% less CO2 than regular cotton. It also lasts longer and feels better on the skin as it doesn’t contain any mix of any other material and is also potentially harmful.

Which other fabrics are more sustainable?

Other than organic cotton, there are also alternatives that are much more eco-responsible than cotton and polyester, such as Linen, hemp and bamboo for example. 

Most brands, in order to save money on their production use 100% polyester or a mix between conventional cotton and polyester, making their garments very cheap but most annoyingly very very polluting. 

Linen is a very durable material and is plant based, nonetheless it uses more water than organic cotton and therefore is not the most environmentally friendly thread. Even though linen is long lasting and your clothes will stay with you for many years, we can find better options. 

And Bamboos is definitely one of them, plant based, biodegradable, breathable, comfortable… It is really a great fabric and it can give you one of the softest feelings you could ever imagine on clothing. At Pamuuc we are really looking forward to starting manufacturing with Bamboo and sharing it with all of you.

Sustainability is also about work:

Sustainability is not just about living in harmony with the environment, but it also includes fair treatment of people and the planet. Fairwear Foundation is a non-profit organization that has set up a project to create a sustainable textile industry. They work on initiatives like living wages, no child labor, good working conditions and more. The Fairwear Foundation is an international non-profit organization that aims to create sustainable clothing production worldwide. 

Always make sure your clothes are made ethically and make sure there is no child labor involved. People must be well paid for their job and this will reflect directly on the quality of your garments. We must promote foundations and certifications to get information about what we wear.

How are we sustainable at Pamuuc?

Our brand is committed to creating sustainable products by also giving back to the planet. We use 100% certified organic cotton and recycled materials and offset the emissions of every shipment with a tree planted by a local organization every time we receive an order.

All of our 150 products on the website have all the information you may find on the mix of materials used, the details and the sustainability process behind. We make sure to be as transparent as possible so you don’t have any doubt when making a purchase.