Pamuuc’s New low impact website is now more eco friendly than ever

New features and sustainability:

We just launched the new version of our website and we made it lighter, faster and we deleted everything that we didn't need. This is a very important update for us because we want to be as sustainable and energy efficient as possible even where people don’t think it is possible. 

The first thing that we did was to delete all the unnecessary pages, pictures, texts and buttons that wasted our servers energy. This helped us with saving space on our server, reducing load time and reducing consumption of energy, making it easier for our visitors to find what they are looking for. By improving the pages and the links between categories and products you can now reach product pages in less than 3 clicks saving massive efforts on our website and reducing energy waste.

We also updated all of our images with the latest compression technology to make them more lightweight for loading purposes. We have also updated the design of our website so that it is easier to use with any device and any screen size and we added an amazing mobile menu so that you can easily navigate through the website on your smartphone.

Category pages bring you the full catalog:

As soon as you enter the women, men, unisex or babies & kids pages, you will be able to see in detail what products we have to offer in each category. Simple steps that make the difference is what we had in mind and what we set to achieve. 

As well as serving you as a customer it also has a huge impact on our website structure and loading time, you will benefit from an amazing customer experience from now on and you will save energy together with us. 

To put it in numbers, what a customer would find in 5 clicks before, can be done in 2 now. Very efficient and a very big step in customer XP.

Subcategory pages save you a lot of time:

No more getting at the bottom of one page and clicking on page 2, 3 or 4. We now have all products on one subcategory page for you to scroll easily to find whatever you want. As we do not have the most extensive catalog on the market and because we look for quality and not quantity this feature had to be introduced on Pamuuc’s website.

Product Pages are now 100% Efficient:

In the past, product pages were not as efficient as today. They usually consisted of a lot of text and images that had to be clicked onto new pages. This made it hard to find all the information in one place and difficult to read on mobile devices.

We are very happy to say that now, no matter the product you are looking at, you can find all the information in 1 page. A few scroll and you will know everything about our products sustainability, delivery, sizes and related products information.