• How should I wash organic cotton clothes to avoid damaging them?

To prevent damage to organic cotton T-shirts, it is very important to follow the washing instructions on the labels of our products in order to prolong their life. The best advice is to wash organic cotton T-shirts in cold water or water that does not exceed 30 degrees to reduce the chances of shrinkage or even discolouration. Washing them inside out also greatly reduces the chance of damaging the fabric. When using detergents, it is always advisable to use mild and environmentally friendly products to avoid the aggressive effects of chemicals on clothing. Finally, always make sure that the fibers and fabrics of the T-shirts are not stressed and that their use can be extended over time.


  • What is the recommended water temperature for washing organic cotton garments?

For products such as our women's and men's hoodies, we recommend washing in cold or warm water. This applies to all products as temperature has a direct effect on shrinkage and fading. As a general rule, 30 degrees is the perfect temperature for your washing. Preserving organic cotton fibers tends to be more complicated than polyester, so temperature control in combination with the products used is very important. Our hoodies are still thick, 350 gsm to be precise, and this means that at 30 degrees you can use them for 3 to 5 years without any problems.  


  • Is it better to hand wash or machine wash organic cotton clothing?

Both options are recommended, the choice is yours, but of course you should always pay attention to the water temperature and the products you use. When washing long-sleeved organic cotton T-shirts, you should also be aware that washing them by hand can take a lot more time and effort than washing them in a washing machine. As always, check the label on your long-sleeved shirt and follow the instructions to get the job done right. The brand will know what to do with each of its garments. Finally, if you are going to do it in the washing machine, it is also important not to overload it, as the friction between different garments can damage the fiber more quickly.


  • Can ordinary detergents be used to wash organic cotton garments?

It is of course possible to use conventional detergents on organic cotton clothing, but it is better to use ecological and organic products because of the effects of chemicals on the fabric. Organic detergents are now available and easy to find on the market, and for the price difference compared to "classic" detergents, it is better to choose these new formulas because, as said before, the clothes tend to last much longer.

January 20, 2023 — Leonardo Gobbato

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